Cherry Blossoms, Robots & The Penis Festival in Japan

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DAY 1 (Saturday, April 4) - ARRIVE IN TOKYO

We'll meet you at the airport (if flying into Haneda), or at the hotel (if flying into Narita) to welcome you to Japan (you may choose to fly into either one of Tokyo's airports -- Haneda (HND) or Narita (NRT) -- but be aware that Narita is 2 hours away from the city center via train, while Haneda is only about 30 minutes away).

We'll have our first Japanese meal together where you will get to know the other adventurers, foodies, and of course, Scott and Chase! Afterward we'll head to the famous Yoyogi Park, located in the center of the city, to do some cherry blossom partying with the locals.

Note: try and get a flight that arrives earlier in the day, so that you won't miss the welcome dinner!

DAY 2  (Sunday, April 5) - TOKYO

Wake up at around 8:00 am, grab a bite to eat, then head on off the Kawasaki City to participate in the annual Kanamara Matsuri -- a.k.a., The Penis Festival (Find out more about The Penis Festival HERE).

We'll spend the first half of the day partying at the festival -- enjoying the local treats and having a few drinks, before heading back to Tokyo late afternoon to rest up before dinner.

DAY 3  (Monday, April 6) - TOKYO

Explore the city the best way we know how, by getting intentionally lost and following our bellies to the best hidden bakeries, cafes and restaurants in town.

Then we will fly down the streets of Tokyo as your favorite Mario cart character! SERIOUSLY. Imagine yourself flying through Tokyo with our crew on fast, badass motorized go-karts, dressed as Mario, Princess Peach, or Bowser!

Then we we will see the famous Japanese cherry blossoms (during the daytime) and take in the beauty of Tokyo. That night we'll head off to Robot Restaurant for one of the craziest shows in the world before grabbing dinner nearby at a traditional Japanese izakaya pub.

DAY 4 (Tuesday, April 7) - TOKYO TO KYOTO

Take the bullet train after breakfast to Kyoto (approx. 3 hours), where we will check in to the new hotel and head out to explore the ancient city by foot, including the ancient Geisha district of Gion, the narrow, immaculately preserved back streets of Sanjo Kiamachi, and the Kamogawa River.

Then we will take in the sunset at Kiyomizu-dera Temple before dinner.

DAY 5 (Wednesday, April 8) - KYOTO

Explore Kyoto's temples and history. We'll be visiting the famous Golden Temple (Kinkaku-ji), the Shotengai covered mall area, a tea shop to learn the right way to make and drink Japanese tea, a sake brewery to see how sake is brewed, Tenryu-ji Temple, the famous bamboo forest in Arashiyama, and more.

We'll catch the sunset at Fushimi Inari Taisha -- better known as the Red Gate Temple -- followed by dinner afterward.

DAY 6 (Thursday, April 9) - KYOTO TO OSAKA TO KYOTO

Take the train from Kyoto to Osaka to explore the city for a day. We'll visit Osaka Castle, Dotonbori Walking Street, and Shinsaibashi, all the while sampling the street food that has made Osaka one of the leading foodie spots in the country.

Back to Kyoto at night, after dinner.

DAY 7  (Friday, April 10) - KYOTO TO TOKYO

<strong>Take the bullet train back to Tokyo in the afternoon (approx. 3 hours), arriving in the early evening to check into our hotel for the last night.

Have a special farewell dinner, followed by a final night out in Tokyo with the group.</strong>

DAY 8  (Saturday, April 11) - DEPART TOKYO

Take the train to the airport to catch your flight home (best to catch a flight later in the day if possible).

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Cherry Blossoms, Robots & The Penis Festival in Japan

April 4, 2020
April 11, 2020

Five people, eight days, three cities, and a lifetime of experiences together in Japan.

What To Expect

See, taste, and experience Tokyo with a small group of fun people, led by Scott Brills and Chase Boehringer. From cherry blossoms and ancient temples to lively nightlife and incredible food, we will get to experience it all on this trip-of-a-lifetime through Japan.

What's Included

  • Private room
  • All food
  • All transportation
  • All entrance tickets and fees
  • Airport transfer upon arrival
  • Two professional guides
  • Professional videographer to capture the experience

What's Not Included

  • Flights
  • Alcohol


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Chase Boehringer is the founder of The Bucketlist Lifestyle. His mission is to create awe inspiring experiences all over the world and have fun doing it!


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All-inclusive ground cost


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