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#77- St. Patricks Day in Dublin!

June 18, 2020

What do you get when you mix tens of thousands of people ready to party, a whole lot of green and even more whiskey and strong dark Irish beer?

You get St. Patricks day in Dublin.

The parade had ended, the kids had all gone home and the beer was finally being sold. This was going to be one hell of a night for a whole lot of people.

I hadn’t been drinking since my experience with Ayahuasca a few weeks earlier, but I took exception today.

Today was a once in a lifetime drinking experience. St. Patricks Day in Dublin is known worldwide as one of the greatest drinking experiences one can have right up there with Oktoberfest or even the Sangria soaked party that is the Running Of The Bulls opening ceremony.

People had been taking pulls out of their metal flasks all morning and by the time the evening rolled around, were stumbling sideways more than walking forward.  There is even a whole street filled with drunk teenagers with police standing watch. At the moment I was shocked. How could they just stand by as 13 year olds get wasted and dance around screaming and laughing. Then I realized that I was just jumping around screaming and laughing five minutes earlier, so who am I to judge.

Everyone was having fun besides the people who were drinking hard since 8am. Those overzealous partiers may regret tomorrow what they missed out on that night. As the evening wore on, every bar was filled with people and the sound of whatever fun lively band they chose to have that night. There was a little dancing but mostly people drinking and talking. The clubs all had huge lines but if you were looking for fun, it was about as easy to find as another pint of Guinness.

My friend, Erin and I were too cheap to keep buying beers so we decided to get to where we were going (Drunksville) by just buying a liter of whiskey each and turbo charging our night. Needless to say the Whiskey did its job.

Erin and I found ourselves somehow in a group of British girls. They were all equally drunk as we were, which is always a plus when choosing a new friend group for the night.  After walking through the crowded streets of green drunk people and stepping on what you hoped did not come out of a human body, we ended up going to their favorite bar in Dublin, TGI Fridays.

This is my favorite part of travel. Two Americans in Dublin being pulled into a TGI Fridays (the most american restaurant you could possibly find in Dublin I’m sure) with a random group of British girls. We had a few cheap drinks and talked about my blog and boys in their lives.  As my drunken memory serves me right I believe one of them told me I need to include them on my blog….So that request is now fulfilled.

We stumble out of TGI Fridays and end up outside of my hostel when one of their phone rings. It’s drama calling. One of their boyfriends blah blah blah and although we planned on meeting in 20 minutes at a bar just down the street, we knew we would likely never see each other again; and we never did.

The rest of the night was filled with more music everywhere we went, more people having a great time and a surprising amount of positive people altogether. With all that drinking you would think there would be a few more fights and a few people having sex in the street out of the tens of thousands but no. Tens of thousands of people were drunk and tens of thousands of people were smiling, laughing and having a great time together no matter what country they called home, we all love a great party and a good beer.


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