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Sometimes you need a reminder that you don’t need to be rich or quit your job to travel the world and do fun stuff. Adventure, experience, and living your life to the fullest is your responsibility and we intend to get you excited about it! Our blog is here to not only give you the best information on travel and lifestyle; it’s meant to make you realize that you too can live your dream life!


We bring together the most positive people on Earth for once in a lifetime “Bucketlist-worthy” adventures. From cultural world festivals like Holi in India or Running with the Bulls in Spain to African Safari's or even Great White Shark diving. These adventures are life changing and epic beyond words. No matter what adventure you choose, we guarantee you will have the time of your life!


We provide the most up to date and informative tips, tricks and travel hacks to help you travel the world like a boss on a budget. We at The Bucketlist Lifestyle have made a lot of mistakes and had a lot of successes, like earning almost 1,000,000 airline miles and traveling the world for less than $40 a day. Our guides teach everything we wish we would have known and more!

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Fly to Europe for FREE!

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Chase was a small town guy in Oregon, working long hours as a caregiver and settling in every area of life. When divorce and depression came, he wrote a Bucketlist. A list that was used as a blueprint for a life of exhilaration, connection and adventure. Chase became an expert travel hacker, life coach and adventure addict with the passport stamps and scars to prove it! Chase also wrote all of this in third person.



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