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Using Uber and Lyft abroad

June 18, 2020

Like many internet based services, Uber and Lyft are game changers. Outside certain airports in the U.S. that have blocked Uber, you no longer have to pay for frequently overpriced and inferior service with a fat cat taxi company. The rules at home also apply to many countries abroad, so here’s why you should definitely use Uber abroad!

Uber is Safer than Taxis in Many Countries

You have no idea who is driving you and what their intentions are. Uber features GPS navigation, so it’s much less likely someone is going to take you somewhere they aren’t supposed to. There’s an exact record of where you were picked up, where you requested to go, and the route you’re taking. Traditional taxi services generally don’t offer that.

I've been using Uber and Lyft for years now and the service is always efficient, inexpensive, with friendly drivers. I always always felt safe, even in countries where that was an anomaly like a few places you may have read about in the stories on my blog.

Safety is the biggest reason you should definitely use Uber or lyft abroad.

Uber is Cheaper Compared to Taxis

Uber and Lyft is cheaper than taxis no matter where in the world you are (as long as prices are not surging during peak times). As pricey as taxis are in the United States, they are comically expensive in countries like the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands. Many employees in London are now prohibited from expensing taxis, and have to use Uber if they want to be reimbursed for work trips.

Uber and Lyft are global and you can even use it in countries like South Africa. No matter where I've gone the service has generally been very good and inexpensive. Another reason you should definitely use Uber abroad.

What about when Uber prices surge during peak times? Depending on the market, Uber prices can surge up to 1.7 times and be the same price as a taxi. Late nights on a friday or saturday may cost more than normal, but usually they are still better priced than a taxi!

Get $20 Credit When you Sign Up for Uber or Lyft!

If you don’t already have one of these Apps, don’t go abroad without it. Use THIS LINK to sign up for Uber and you get a $20 credit! and THIS LINK for Lyft. Download both apps and use both li

And here are more reasons to use Uber over taxis:

Uber Cars are Usually Cleaner than Taxis

Taxi companies became complacent. And they still run many large markets like Boston with a dreadful product in many cases. When we used taxis from Logan Airport, the cost was nearly double, for what was sometimes a smelly and unclean car, with rude drivers who were very happy to yell at us if we questioned them taking the long way. Uber is completely different, sometimes we were even picked up in beautiful luxury cars like Lexus,’ Mercedes’ and BMW’s with their basic UberX brand. Generally, Uber cars are cleaner than taxis. Another reason to definitely use Uber abroad.

Uber Drivers Offer Better and Friendlier Service

We’ve stepped into many Uber rides to find bottled water and/or mints in the backseat. We can’t recall ever being offered free bottled water from a taxi driver, no matter the destination or how hot it was outside. We’ve even stepped into an Uber and been offered outlets to charge our phones.

Many Uber drivers do it part time. Some have been recently laid off or are working in another city, away their family. As they have spare time, they’re not just looking to make money, but to have some social interaction as well. This is very different to career taxi drivers who have shuttled people around for years and despite being totally over it, don’t know what else to do with themselves.

Convenience: Why You Should Definitely Use Uber Abroad

It’s easier to order Uber compared to a taxi. The GPS knows where you are and all you need to do is enter your destination, and Uber does the rest. With many cab companies, you have to call and give your address and where you are going. There is a greater likelihood of mistakes this way, especially in a foreign country! And often times when you order taxis through a hotel, they are even more expensive because the hotel receives a kickback for a flat rate service.

Because Uber has your credit card details on file, you never need to worry about paying and waiting for a receipt. Ever needed a receipt from a cabbie and his printer is broken? It’s happened. If you’re running late, you can just run out of the car and your receipt is automatically sent to your email. This also means you’re less likely to lose your receipt and not be able to get reimbursed if it’s a business expense.

Addressing Uber Controversy

While some criticize Uber for being too cheap during off peak times, and therefore undercutting labor, there is a solution. Just tip the drivers well when there isn’t a price surge! This way you still get a cheaper ride, with better service, and it’s also worth your driver’s time. Everyone wins in that scenario.

As far as safety concerns, Uber drivers generally drive safe. If they don’t drive safely, efficiently and with courtesy, they lose points on their reviews. If Uber drivers are consistently rated poorly, they will be terminated from driving. We’ve had several cabbies that should have been terminated from their jobs a long time ago and our ability to review their poor service was not as easy as it is with Uber.

Uber occasionally receives bad press for crime, but crime happens in licensed taxis too. Anytime you have a large service, there will occasionally be some problems from time to time. If a drivers reviews aren’t above say, 4.5, you can cancel the ride and try again.


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